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In the last five years, the cost of solar photovoltaics (PV) has fallen 45%, according to Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). It's favorable economics like these that paved the way for solar advancements for homeowners looking for environmentally friendly fixtures that solve problems and provide access to FREE energy to help save money year around.

The specific type of solar PV solution we'll discuss today involves the space and airflow through your home's attic. No matter where you live in the four states and no matter what time of year it is, hot and cold temperatures play a vital role in a build-up of hot air that can cause:

  • Ice Dams
  • AC units to run longer
  • Increases on a homeowner's energy bill
  • Humidity levels to rise

To combat problems like these, homeowners can upgrade from a passive air venting system to solar-power roof fans that will circulate air more efficiently to keep it cooler in the summer and eliminate hot air from building in your attic in the winter months.

Solar Powered Attic Fan Pros and Cons

There are always going to be pros and cons to consider when it comes to buying home improvement materials.


The advantages of solar attic fans can offer homeowners an alternative solution that can:

  1. Save after upfront installation cost.
  2. Reduce attic temperatures by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Mean greater efficiency for your home since solar-powered fans do not siphon cool air from the rest of the house, like electric-powered fans.
  4. Be much quieter than traditional powered attic fans.
  5. Reduce your monthly electric bill since solar fans don't require electricity.
  6. Eliminate having to hire an electrician to run power to solar-powered fans.
  7. Keep negative-pressure zones from forming, which can pull carbon monoxide from combustion appliances into an attic.
  8. Help save your roof from harmful molds and dangerous wood rot, as well as prevent ice expansion problems and ice damming.
  9. Environmentally-friendly while also being a sustainable energy source.
  10. Give a home greater curb appeal.


While the list of pros for solar attic fans is lengthy, you may be equally surprised to learn the cons are fewer than you think.

  1. Low monetary savings if not replacing all the attic vents with solar air vents.
  2. Overcast days can lessen the efficiency of solar-powered attic fans.
  3. It may cause roof leaks if not professionally installed.
  4. Solar-powered vents come with a pricey upfront investment.

Longevity Solar Roof Vents

Thankfully those of us lucky enough to live in the four states region of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma rank in the top 13 states with 60 - 68 percent sunshiny days. That may have some homeowners wondering about the longevity of solar roofing fans and vents.

The Federal Trade Commission estimates that many solar-powered panels typically last 20 years. That can make the initial investment cost of Solar PV air vents much more enticing.

Cost of Solar PV Air Fan Vents

Suppose you're planning on installing solar-powered air fans in the next 12 months; that cost can range from $200.00 to $600.00 per unit. However, the pricing variations get driven by manufacturers.

For instance, Remington attic fans for homes start at $189.00 for a 10-watt unit. On the other hand, you can also choose from a range of brand manufacturers that sell on Amazon solar attic fan vents starting from $199.00 per unit with 10 watts.

Price increases get based on watts per unit. So the more significant price breaks occur when a solar attic fan is 25- or 30 watts, which ranges between $389.00 to $399.00 per unit. But remember, a 25-watt fan commonly gets installed on a home over 2,000 square feet and can vent 1,420 cubic feet per minute.

Contact Your Local Choice for Roofing

If you're considering installing solar attic fans, contact your local choice for roofing, NE Seamless. They can provide you with an estimate for all your home's roofing projects. Their roofing expertise and prior solar attic fan installations make them the best choice for all your roofing needs.

Remember, getting the help you need to install new solar attic fans properly can save you from spending more on costly repairs. Take steps today to avoid significant problems in the future; complete an online form or call (620) 404-2262.

NE Seamless Project on a New Roof Installation with Solar-Powered Vents

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