Winter Storms and Frigid Temperatures Can Damage A Home's Roof Leading to Urgent Roof Repairs

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Winter storms and frigid temperatures can cause extensive damage to your roof if left unchecked. Cold weather, high winds, snow, and ice buildup can wreak havoc on a roof system.

Here are a few cold weather tips and signs to watch out for:

  • Cold temperatures
  • STAY OFF THE ROOF: call a professional
  • Ice damming
  • Blocked gutters
  • Snow intrusion
  • Establish an action plan

Cold Temperatures

Those frigid winter temperatures cause shingles to become stiff and brittle, undermining the integrity of the shingle to remain flexible on colder days. 

STAY OFF THE ROOF: Call A Professional

During weather events or freezing mornings, ice can form on shingles, making it unsafe to climb on a roof. Call a professional or wait until the sun is out to melt away any ice and snow before attempting to climb on your home's rooftop.

Ice Damming

Ice forming on a roof can result in a dangerous roofing condition known as ice damming. As the name implies, ice dams form where melted snow or ice refreezes, preventing the remaining snow from draining off your roof. That results in several bad outcomes, from breaking the roofing cement that creates a waterproof barrier to water intrusion into your home’s attic and walls, if not addressed immediately.

Blocked Gutters

Water needs to move from your roof to the ground, and it cannot do so if the gutters are clogged. 

To help keep water draining off your roof, ensure your gutters are free and clear of debris. Another option is to consider installing seamless gutter guards to prevent clogs from forming.

Snow Intrusion

Ventilation for your attic is crucial; snow making its way into your attic can be a significant reason for concern. Over time gable vents, ridge vents, and other roof penetrations can become damaged and let outside elements into your attic. If this happens, it is essential to address it right away!

Establish An Action Plan

During winter storms, many problems can quickly become an emergency. It is always essential to have an established action plan. Storm damage repairs often become urgent to prevent further damage and protect the rest of your home from water damage and other issues.

Establishing a plan of action is essential when dealing with urgent roof repairs due to winter storms or subzero temperatures.

  • Prioritize Safety First
  • Contact a Local Roofing Contractor
  • Proactive Roof Repairs

Prioritize Safety First

Start by safely self-assessing the extent of the damage, so you're better prepared to have a phone conversation with your roofing contractor. During that call, the roofing professional will be able to assess the urgency of your home's roof damage and repair needs from your description. 

Although, not all roof damage is made equal. Damage could have long-term impacts on the safety and well-being of your family. If the roof is a complete loss caused by a puncture from a fallen tree or limb, it could cost you more to heat your home if not repaired quickly. Roofing projects mean prioritizing safety first, especially if repairs need completion during the winter months or frigid temperatures.

Contact A Local Roofing Contractor

If an urgent repair is needed, contact a local licensed, bonded, and insured roofing professional to ensure the problem gets properly inspected and addressed as quickly as possible. Remember that critical roof repairs caused by a winter storm or arctic temperatures are costly and may require specific materials depending on the damage caused.

Proactive Roof Repairs

Finally, being proactive means taking early action on the work repairs for your damaged roof. If you notice any potential issues, have your roof inspected to prevent future damage and avoid the need for urgent repairs. Taking preventative measures will save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Contact Your Local Choice for Roofing Contractors

There's always time to inspect your home's roof after a winter storm or frigid temperatures that we all experienced here in the four states over Christmas 2022. After all, keeping your home safe from damage keeps a solid roof over you and your family's heads. Don't wait until your home roof needs urgent repair—take action today! 

Contact your local choice for a roofing contractor in Pittsburg, Kansas, NE Seamless. Their team of roofing experts will ensure your roof is in the best condition before any unforeseen problems arise or become worse. They will provide you with an estimate on your home's roofing project.

Remember, winter storms and frigid temperatures can lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs on your roof. Taking proactive steps now helps you avoid significant problems in the future, so don't delay—contact the team at NE Seamless by completing an online form or by calling (620) 404-2262 today!

NE Seamless Completed an Urgent Roof Replacement

The homeowner’s roof decking needed urgent replacement against the cold weather temperatures of the fall nights. We at NE Seamless took extra care along the home’s flat roof by installing waterproofing where the wall seam and roof line met.