What Is the Best Approach to Pressure Washing Your Home's Vinyl Siding

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Maintaining your home's exterior is crucial for its appearance and longevity. One of the everyday tasks in home maintenance is keeping your vinyl siding clean and in top condition. In today's blog, we'll aim to educate homeowners on the best and safest approach to pressure washing a house’s vinyl siding and why hiring a professional is a good idea.

Hiring a Professional: The Smart Choice

Hiring a professional is always the recommended approach when it comes to pressure washing your home's vinyl siding. Contracting professionals, such as NE Seamless in Pittsburg, Kansas, have the expertise, equipment, and knowledge to perform this task safely and effectively, ensuring that your home looks its best without risking damage to the siding.

What To Know About Pressure Washing

To ensure the best results and safety when pressure washing your home's vinyl siding, your pressure washing contracting professional will consider the following key aspects:

  • Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)
  • Type of Pressure Washing Nozzle
  • Angle and Distance of the Nozzle
  • Safe Cleansers for Vinyl Siding

Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) for Vinyl Siding

The PSI is a critical factor in pressure washing. For vinyl siding, it's essential to use a lower PSI to prevent damage. A professional knows the precise PSI range safe and effective for vinyl sidings, usually between 1300 and 1600 PSI. That ensures thorough cleaning without harming the siding.

Type of Pressure Washing Nozzle

The choice of the nozzle is equally essential. There are various nozzles available, each designed for a specific purpose. For vinyl siding, professionals typically use a wider angle nozzle (25 or 40 degrees) that disperses water over a larger area, reducing the risk of damage.

Distance and Angle of the Nozzle

The technique of holding the pressure wash nozzle is vital. Professionals maintain an optimal distance and angle—typically holding the nozzle at a 45-degree angle roughly 18 inches away from the siding. An angled technique ensures uniform cleaning and prevents water from seeping behind the siding, which could cause damage.

Safe Cleansers for Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Specific cleansers are safe and effective for use on vinyl siding. If you have LP Smartside vinyl siding, for example, you can use dish soap and water. For James Hardie siding, soap and water work fine, and you can utilize a gentle mildew-specific cleaner to combat mold. Professionals are knowledgeable about the right environmentally friendly cleansers that won't harm the siding or surrounding plants.

Keep Your Vinyl Siding Clean

Keeping your home's vinyl siding clean is essential to home maintenance. However, it requires a professional touch to ensure it's done safely and effectively.

By understanding the importance of the right PSI, the correct type of nozzle, the proper technique, and safe cleaning agents, you can appreciate why hiring a professional like NE Seamless is the best approach for maintaining your home's beautiful exterior.

If you're in Pittsburg, Kansas, turn to NE Seamless for your vinyl siding cleaning needs. As a reputable home improvement contractor, NE Seamless offers quality craftsmanship, timely response, and exceptional customer care.

Its team is well-equipped and trained to ensure that your home's exterior is clean and protected. Contact NE Seamless today to ensure your home's vinyl siding is treated with the care it deserves.