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Regularly painting your home's engineered wood siding is essential to its longevity. But not all home siding is equal!

If you had LP® SmartSide® installed, you're in luck. LP engineered their siding so homeowners like you can paint it and give your home an updated curb appeal for as long as you own it.

Before having your LP SmartSide painted though, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind that we'll be discussing in today's blog:

    1. Surface Cleaning
    2. Choose the Correct Type of Paint
    3. Follow Manufacturer Guidelines
    4. Primer Exposed Substrate
    5. Use Proper Painting Techniques
    6. Regular and Routine Maintenance

Surface Cleaning

Before painting, thoroughly clean the siding to remove any dirt, dust, or debris using the correct power washing techiques and nozzles. That will ensure better adhesion and a smoother finish upon completion.

Choose the Correct Type of Paint

Select a high-quality exterior latex paint specifically formulated for use on wood surfaces. Look for one that offers good durability and UV protection.

Approved Paint Types

For optimum results when choosing paint for your LP SmartSide engineered wood products, it is highly advised to opt for acrylic latex coatings formulated explicitly for wood composites. The benefits of selecting an approved paint ensure proper application, so consult a home improvement professional who works with LP SmartSide.

Avoid Using Transparent Stains

Paint manufacturers now offer semi-transparent stains that mimic the look of acrylic latex paints. These innovative products provide a convenient alternative for achieving desired finishes. Hiring a professional remodeler familiar with painting LP SmartSide is advisable for proper application and finishing.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

Consult the LP SmartSide installation instructions or contact customer support for specific recommendations on painting their siding products. Manufacturers have specific guidelines or requirements to follow when working with their products.

Primer Exposed Substrate

Although other siding manufacturers say priming their siding depends upon the type of paint you choose, LP primes all their siding at the factory. However, the wood substrate is often left exposed because LP SmartSide can get cut at the job site for a custom fit.

LP recommends that all exposed substrates be primed and painted with approved paints to protect the siding. However, LP doesn't recommend painting the backside for optimal performance.

For optimal use of LP SmartSide products, it is essential to note that priming the back side of the siding or trim offers no benefits. While priming can benefit certain types of solid wood siding, trim, and composite sidings to control tannin staining, it is unnecessary for LP SmartSide products.

Use Proper Painting Techniques

Follow recommended techniques such as using a brush or roller. Take long, even strokes, starting from top to bottom, and avoiding excessive pressure, which can cause streaks or uneven application.

Apply Thin Coats

It's best to apply multiple thin coats of paint rather than one thick coat. That helps prevent drips and ensures better coverage and longevity.

Allow Time for Sufficient Drying

Allow every coat of paint to dry thoroughly before applying another layer or exposing it to moisture or extreme weather conditions. Also schedule a time to paint your home when weather patterns call for mild temperatures and more than three days between wind, rain, and snow storms.

Regular and Routine Maintenance

To preserve your painted LP SmartSide appearance and protect it against fading or peeling, consider periodic maintenance such as touch-ups or repainting every few years.

Hire An Experienced Home Improvement Contractor

Remember these tips serve as general guidance when considering painting your home's LP SmartSide. It's always important to check with LP directly for any specific instructions or recommendations about working on a home improvement project for LP SmartSide products.

It's also a great idea to work with a home improvement contract familiar with LP SmartSide, such as the team at NE Seamless in Pittsburg, Kansas. To schedule an on-site consultation with NE Seamless, call (620) 404-2262.