Benefits of Composite Shingles

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When it comes to shingles, composite is one of the most popular roofing materials on the market today, and for good reason. These shingles offer a variety of benefits that make for an attractive option for a homeowner looking to replace their roof.

Composite shingles are durable, cost-effective, and easy to install. They also come in various colors and styles to suit any home's aesthetic. With all these advantages, it's no wonder this shingle is increasingly popular with homeowners looking for a reliable roofing solution.

Homeowners throughout the four states increasingly turn to composite roofing shingles for their roofing needs for several advantages over traditional materials.

  • Superior durability
  • Fire resistance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Color and style versatility

They also require minimal maintenance while still providing an attractive aesthetic—no wonder these shingles have become increasingly popular among homeowners looking for a reliable, cost-effective roofing solution.

Superior Durability

Homeowners looking for a roofing solution with superior durability should consider composite shingles. These shingles get made from a combination of materials such as asphalt, fiberglass, rubber, and clay.

That combination makes these shingles extremely resistant to wind, rain, UV rays, hailstones, and other elements that could potentially cause damage to a roof. These shingles can last up to 50 years or more with proper maintenance.

Investing in composite roofing shingles is an excellent way to protect your home and save money in the long run.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is an essential quality that makes these shingles a popular choice today for homeowners. The combination of materials used to manufacture composite shingles makes these remarkably fire-resistant.

The asphalt layer prevents heat from penetrating through the shingle quickly, while the fiberglass acts as an insulating barrier. The result is effective and reliable fire resistance for your home.

Energy Efficiency

Composite roofing shingles are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to make their homes more energy efficient. These shingles are durable, long-lasting, and provide superior insulation and ventilation, making these an ideal choice for homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills.

In addition, the unique combination of materials used to manufacture composite creates a strong layer of protection against the elements. Helping keep the heat in during the winter and cool air in during the summer months reduces your energy costs significantly.

Color and Style Versatility

When it comes to composite roof shingles, homeowners have a greater versatility that is also a cost-effective choice.

The durable, lightweight material provides superior protection from the elements, while a myriad of colors and styles make these shingles an aesthetically pleasing option for any home. In addition, these shingles are easy to install, maintain and repair, making them ideal for any budget.

Work With A Roofing Contractor That Installs Composite Shingles

Installing composite shingles can be daunting for homeowners, but working with experienced roofing contractors can make the process much smoother. Professional roofing contractors understand the complexities of composite shingle installation and can ensure that your roof gets installed properly and securely.

Roofing contractors can provide valuable insight into the different roofing shingles available and the associated cost. The team at NE Seamless is the local choice for homeowners in Pittsburg, KS, and the surrounding four-state area. Contact the roofing experts at NE Seamless at (620) 404-2262 or complete an online form to schedule an in-home consultation.